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5 "Haunted" Homes for Sale Right Now

This time of year is just right for a few great scares and, who knew, possibly buying a new home. But ‘tis the season to be scary, so allow us to show you 5 “haunted” houses currently on the market.

Buyers beware, these homes are said to still be occupied - and not by the living. If you’re interested in snagging some prime (and terrifying) real estate, this is the article for you.

Read on, if you dare…

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Your Burning Questions About the Fall 2018 Real Estate Market

Even though it’s been a while since I was an active Realtor, I do still keep an eye on the market because I am both a homeowner and a future home buyer. It’s good to know what’s going on when you’re making such a large purchase, but it’s not for everyone. That’s why I’m here to distribute tips and hints and bits and pieces that hopefully help you better understand the whirlwind that is buying a home.

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Fed Plans to Raise Interest Rates Despite Continued Drop in Home Sales

Well, kids, the numbers are in. According to the National Association of Realtors, existing home sales are still down. So far, we’ve had five months of this type of flailing. Reporting by HousingWire states that it’s the slowest pace since February 2016. February: one of the traditionally worst months of the year for selling a house, that’s where we are now.

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Weekly Column #5: "Disrupters"? The Real Estate Tech Revolution

While everybody else was busy focusing on interest rates and new housing trends, something sort of unbelievable happened--a whole bunch of real estate-related startups popped up and started changing the way people manage their home purchases from the moment they decide to apply for a loan and well beyond the closing table..

No, really, it’s true.

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