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First-Time Home Buyer Grants

Buying a home is a way to put down roots in a neighborhood and start building financial stability. It provides a roof over your head (and your family’s heads) as you pay down your mortgage and build equity for the future. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for prospective buyers to save the amount of money needed for a down payment and closing costs.

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15 Things We Wish We’d Checked Before Buying a House

When you’re buying a new house, you’re considering more than just a structure; you’re creating a new lifestyle. You’re choosing the right container — the right foundation — for every moment of your home life moving forward.

Wouldn’t it be great to test drive that foundation? After all, some questions can only be answered by spending more time in the space.

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Why You Should Buy a Home in 2018

While the U.S. financial crisis began over 10 years ago, many Americans are still a little worried about the idea of buying a home. After all, the crisis led to home prices falling more than 40% in some of the country’s top markets -- and no one wants to buy something that will drop significantly in value just a few years later.

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All About Home Loans for First-Time Home Buyers

Being a first-time home buyer is a glorious time in your life. You’re on a solid path with your career, you’ve managed to save a little money, and maybe (dare we say it?) you’ve come to enjoy tracking your credit score. As a responsible, independent adult, you’re tired of living under the rule of your landlord -- so now it’s time to get out on your own and buy a home!

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Tiny Home Financing for First-Time Home Buyers

You thought your college apartment was tiny--that is, until you started seeing tiny homes pop up everywhere. They make that apartment look like a mansion by comparison. Financing them, on the other hand, isn’t so attractive all the time. Let us help you make your little dreams come true.

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5 Things First-Time Homebuyers Need to Know

First time home buyers have so much to deal with when they’re starting the process that it’s hard to shortlist the most important things for them to keep in mind. Clearly, it's best if you're as prepared as possible -- and if you're already on the hunt for your dream home, you probably know a bit about what you're doing already.

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