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Positive Equity Isn't Always a Positive Thing

“Average homeowner gained $16,000 in home equity in 1 year.” That’s not a clickbait headline, it’s from Housing Wire, a publication of note for the mortgage industry.

If you’ve read many of these columns, you know that I’m a veteran of the real estate crash. Or, maybe I contributed to it… it all kind of depends on your point of view, I guess. Anyway, as I read further into this article, I learned that negative equity (also known as being “underwater”) fell another 9%, leaving only 4.3% of mortgaged homes underwater nationally.

Obviously, this is incredible news for people who own houses already, not such great news for people looking to buy a house right now…

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A No-Nonsense Guide to the Different Types of Mortgages (Part Four)

In part three of our “Different Types of Mortgages” series, we talked about conforming loans, jumbo loans, and super jumbo loans. Now, we’ll share some of the other types of mortgages that aren’t used for buying a residence -- from refinancing loans to home equity products.

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