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7 Creative Ways to Fund Your Next Big Home Improvement Project

A big home improvement project can have an equally big impact on your life and the value of your home. But there’s always the money hurdle: funding a renovation (especially a big one, like a new roof, a landscaping makeover, or a new kitchen) can feel close to impossible, especially if you’re a new homeowner.

Here are seven options you may not have considered for funding your next home improvement project, so you can get past your budgetary challenges and start getting your hands dirty.

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Here’s What You Have to Consider Before Taking Out a Home Improvement Loan

Whether you’re looking at a Fannie Mae HomeStyle loan, an FHA 203k, or a good old home equity loan -- borrowing to make home improvements isn’t a decision to take lightly.

For any of these types of loans, the most important question any home buyer can ask is “What sort of house improvement can I buy with this loan?” The reason: it’s all too easy for a buyer to jump into a renovation loan in order to buy an extreme fixer-upper, without realizing that the house may be a total disaster.

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5 DIY Home Improvement Hacks You'd Never Believe

DIY projects are all about becoming a more creative and inventive version of your regular desk mounted self. Oh, sure, during the week you’re Bob from Accounting, but on the weekend? That’s when you transform into Bob the Resourceful DIY Guy. This article is for all the Bobs (and Bobbies) out there.

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