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Surviving the Financial Storm After a Hurricane

By the time this blog publishes, Hurricane Florence will have already come and gone, but for the people who were in her wake, the real struggle has only just begun. Even a Category 1 hurricane can make a huge mess, dump buckets and buckets of water on soil that’s already saturated (a huge problem for a building's foundation) and destroy the morale of an entire state.
But it’s not really the hurricane that’s the worst part of it. It’s the after days. It’s figuring out how to move forward when your life is flipped completely upside down.

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Wildfires, Insurance and You

As I listen to the news on my Echo (hey, toys are fun and Alexa is a handy pal) each morning, I can’t help but feel incredible sorrow for the people who are being evacuated from their homes because of wildfires. Everyone says, “Oh, don’t worry, they had INSURANCE.”

This is the beauty of not having had to experience a house fire.

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