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Wondering How Much Closing Costs Are? Look at the Loan Estimate Form

How much are closing costs, really? When it comes to nearly anything else in life that you buy, you know the price up front. You buy a bag of bananas, it’s 49 cents a pound. You order a new laser printer, it’s a couple hundred bucks. You know what it’s going to cost, to the penny, before you agree to buy the thing. 

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Getting Your Closing Costs in Stone: Looking at the Closing Disclosure Form

In our last post, we explained the Loan Estimate form and how it can help a mortgage shopper decide between mortgage loan options. This blog is about that form’s fraternal twin, the Closing Disclosure form. They’re two pieces of a whole, designed to ensure that you get the loan you think you’re getting and all your mortgage and closing related expenses are spelled out in plain English.

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