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How Homeowners Can Save Thousands with an Energy-Efficient Mortgage

When you’re staring down yet another $400 utility bill in the dead of winter, the idea of an energy-efficient house might start to seem really appealing. An energy-efficient home loan is one approach to funding home improvements, however it can also lead to higher periodic mortgage payments. Energy-efficient mortgages are most of the times accompanied by potential challenges.

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5 Tips for Getting the Perfect Home

You might have mastered the art of nailing a good deal on a home, but that’s all for naught if you don’t pick a home that matches your personality and needs. Finding the perfect house is like going on a blind date; you have to think about how your date makes you feel, whether they’ll connect with your loved ones, and whether you have a future together.

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How to Get a Home in Spite of Bad Credit

You may think you can't buy a home if your credit is poor, but we have some good news: even if your credit score is lurking somewhere in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, you can still own your dream home—and without a down payment of 20%.

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