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How to Nail a Great Deal when Buying a House

Getting a good deal on your dream house requires you to be informed on current rates, and educated when it comes the home buying process. Whether you want to buy your own home or an investment property, remember: whenever you can, avoid settling for the existing market-price.

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5 Tips for Getting the Perfect Home

You might have mastered the art of nailing a good deal on a home, but that’s all for naught if you don’t pick a home that matches your personality and needs. Finding the perfect house is like going on a blind date; you have to think about how your date makes you feel, whether they’ll connect with your loved ones, and whether you have a future together.

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Top 10 Mistakes Made by Most First-Time Home Buyers

Are you shopping for a new home? You may have already noticed how househunting can be bizarrely taxing to the body and mind. Don’t worry,  we’re here to get you to the other side of ownership with a big smile on your face. So, let’s jump straight into the deep end and take a look at the top first-time home buyer mistakes.

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