How Much Does it Cost to Close on a House?

Home Closing Costs 

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Closing costs are the charges paid to purchase and settle on a property and are unrelated to reducing the principal loan amount. Usually, the amount paid for closing is between two and five percent of the price of the home, and typically the fees are listed on an estimate provided by the lender in response to your submitted application for the home loan.

The fees may fluctuate depending on your loan circumstances. If any additional fees are included, a revised estimate may be provided by your lender. Some charges may include application, appraisal, attorneys, courier, home inspection, title insurance and origination fees.

Note that your lender should provide you with a Closing Disclosure which will outline the fees at a minimum of three days before your closing day. You can compare the estimate with the Closing Disclosure and inquire on any additional fees charged on the Closing Disclosure.

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