How Long Does it Take for a Closing on a House?

Home Closing Timelines 

grey family home with patio

Your offer was accepted and you’ve now entered the closing period (dun dun dun!). The window of time it takes to close on a home may depend on many variables – I know, as if the process could actually get any easier. Generally speaking, the time frame for closing on a home should be noted on your sale contract to give you an idea and will typically take 30-45 days on a home that is financed.

Closing dates depend on the type of sale, how quickly and efficiently you submit the required documents, and your payment method. There are some out-of-your-control factors that can cause a delay in closing. For instance, if agreed-upon repairs are not completed before the closing date or if the lender requires last minute documentation, you may wind up waiting longer than expected.

There are many circumstances or issues that can and may arise during your closing that will cause a delay. It is imperative to be organized, provide all required information or documents in a timely fashion, and prepare for any out-of-your-control events that can cause delays.

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