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What credit score do you need to qualify for a conventional home loan?

Everyone’s heard tales of how difficult it is to qualify for one of the most coveted products in the mortgage world: the conventional loan. Although there’s nothing particularly exciting about these mortgages, they do offer lower mortgage insurance rates and fewer fees at closing than other types of home loans.

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What Kind of Credit Score Do You Need to Get a Home Loan?

Your credit score is an important measure of your financial stability and health. It's at the core of any loan or line of credit, including home loans. A credit score not only determines your loan approval but the terms of the loan, too.

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Buying A Home With No Down Payment

Yes, it is possible to buy a home with no money down or down payment. There are a variety of loans in the market that cater to home buyers with different needs. To qualify for a no money down home loan you will need to have a good credit score and credit record

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