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Trenton, the capital of New Jersey, Is a relatively small city in terms of area, occupying roughly 8.1 square miles. Still, Trenton boasts an estimated population of around 84,000 and has a rich industrial history. If finding a home in Trenton interests you, then our region based team is standing by to educate and assist you with all of your home finance needs! Right now, the median home listing price in Trenton is $46,720, incredibly lower than New Jersey’s median home price of $313,560, which means buying a home in Trenton is more affordable than ever!

Here at, we're excited to help teach you everything you need to know to buy the perfect home in Trenton. Our regional team of home financing experts specializes in a variety of areas, including:

So, no matter whether this is your first rodeo, or you're an experienced home buyer, our team can't wait to help guide you through the entire home purchasing process.

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