Our Mission

Our mission at home.loans is simple: we want to make the process of buying a home, refinancing a mortgage, or accessing home equity as transparent and user-friendly as possible!

We've designed the site to educate, advise, and guide readers on the home buying process -- from househunting to closing, and beyond.

Our home loan experts are standing by to ensure that every potential borrower has access to our entire wealth of knowledge on all things home loans, as well as a direct route to the lenders and rates that best fit their needs.

Introducing the future of home financing: home.loans!

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How the Home.loans Vision Became A Much-Needed Reality

The inception of home.loans is almost as amazing as what we do. Being no stranger to the world of financing and integration with the online world, founder and CEO Blake Janover set out to upgrade the home financing industry by combining education and financing into one user-friendly platform.

Unlike other mortgage loans companies, the whole process—from learning about the best loan solutions to being matched up with potential lenders—is transparent from beginning to end.

The home.loans team has one goal: creating a user-friendly database of accurate information that's easy (and fun) to consume.


Get the best experience, and mortgage solution, in one convenient place.

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1.) Take the guesswork out of home financing with our calculators and rate comparison tools

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2.) Find the answers to your most burning questions within our ever-expanding Knowledge Base.

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3.) Brush up on the latest real estate and home finance news, along with advice from the experts, at our blog

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4.) Get one-on-one help with our team of mortgage experts. We're just one (free) phone call away.


You've arrived at the future of home financing. Go from renter to owner, refinance your mortgage, or
tap into your home equity all in one place -- start to finish. We've got your back.

Welcome to the stress-free world of home.loans!