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One of the states that's richest in American history, Massachusetts is a place like no other for settling down. Our team of home loan and home finance experts wants to help educate you about all aspects of buying a home in the The Bay State. Currently, the median price of homes listed in Massachusetts is $393,101, much higher than the U.S. median home listing price of $261,500. 

The average home value in Massachusetts is wildly different depending on the location. There are some decently pricey areas in the state, including Newton, where the median home listing price is $895,200. Other somewhat expensive areas to buy a home in Massachusetts include Cambridge, where the median home listing price sits at $669,200 and the city of Boston, where the average home list price is $504,200. In contrast, areas like Worcester and Springfield are much more affordable areas, with median prices of $204,600 and $134,200 respectively, both lower than the national average.

At home.loans, our entire team is excited to guide you through every part of the home purchase process. We want to give you the knowledge to make smart financial choices, and feel completely confident in your decision to purchase a home in Massachusetts. Whether you're interested in getting a conventional loan, a jumbo mortgage, an FHA or VA loan, or you'd like to get an energy efficient mortgage, we have the experience and know-how to help.

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